by Ty Kovatch

There's nothing that can give you life
Like a cupful of gin and a handful of lies
I'm not here to save your smile
But you love me still cuz you think I might
I took Mary down on a discount night
Cuz she ain't real rich, and she ain't real nice
She's got an old house on the old highway
Where she lives all alone and she begs me to stay
She's Mary

Hey hey hey, no, no, Mama, mama
Singing whatcha whatcha got
Whatcha whatcha got hot
Moving in kind of slow, moving out kind of hot

Living kind of scared in the green grass air
With her little black dress and her middle class hair
She hates herself with a poison drink
She bates herself when she tries to think
She's Mary

I tried to get clean with the Grenadine Queen
Prettiest girl that you've ever seen
In the white room, where we lay
I tried to steal her heart but she gave it away.

2006 Ty Kovatch

Anybody's Bet

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