Buying Time
by Ty Kovatch

This is the original title track for the record. Became a bonus track, but it remains one of my favorites.

You'd better change your way of thinking
Before the girl walks out the door
You left her standing here believing
Love is clothes lying on the floor

I don't mind cuz I've been hiding, buying time
I don't mind cuz I've been spending all my time buying time

You'd better keep her second guessing
If you're keeping her at all
Cuz she's spent too much time believing
That love is waiting for a call


You've finally pulled yourself together
Enough to realize your wrong
And now she's teaching you a lesson
Love don't wait around that long


Ty Kovatch 2006

Anybody's Bet

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Covered by Your Covers
Giving Her Away
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All Those Friday Nights
Every Pace We Leave

**Buying Time (Bonus)

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