While We Were Sleeping
by Ty Kovatch

While we were sleeping like lovers do
The silence was bringing another point of view
I'll keep you guessing if you'll be entertained
Forget last night before our fight when I stepped on the plane

Hey yah

While we were fighting the battle for the blood
The tyrants were singing the ballad of our love
And I keep expecting somebody else to change
You know I might be out of sight, but I'm never out of range

Hey yah

I wonder what it means? I woke up in between your window and your door
It must be like a dream
To wake up in between your pillow and your floor
Does this mean more?

Worry through windows
Worry through chains
Its so relieving when everything remains
No need to read into the story that I gave
I held you tight all through the night
And woke up on your page

2006 Ty Kovatch

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While We Were Sleeping
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