All Those Friday Nights

I wrote this song during my courtship of my wife. I wrote it on the piano over the 4th of July 2002, but I play it on the guitar on the record, because I remembered I don't play the piano. I think it is a good story.

She's not a girl you won't remember
She's not a girl you won't survive
She's not a girl whose hiding from you
She's not a girl with much to hide

And if you want it all, you're going to have to ask her
And if you want it all, tonight might be the night
Sometimes I wonder if she's the angel I remember
From all those friday nights

She pours a drink behind the counter
And all she says is that she's bored
Now I can see she's locked in cages
She thinks I'll cage her up some more


She pours her heart behind the counter
As I finish off a drink
And all this jealousy is just a memory to me

Do I have your attention?
Have I caught you by surprise
All I need is your permission, darlin'
And I swear I'll make you mine

Anybody's Bet

While We Were Sleeping
Covered by Your Covers
Giving Her Away
Leave Your Best Girl Home
All Those Friday Nights
Every Pace We Leave

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