Rum & Honey Info and Lyrics

Rum & Honey was released in the summer of 2002, right in the middle of a major turning point in my life, which ultimately delivered me to the success I have enjoyed in my personal and professional life since that time. Although he was not a twinkle in my eye when this CD cover was designed, the photo of me on the cover looks exactly like my son who was born in May 2003, and to a person, everyone assumes it is him and not me...

I could not be more proud of him.

Much of this CD I recorded myself which gives many of the songs a different flavor than was found on Uno. The title track is also the last track on the record, which was remixed for the digital release of this album in 2011. The entire album is now available for digital download a iTunes,, Napster, MP3, Rhapsody,, and many more!

This record also contains the song "Valhalla" which was written in memory of Kyle Kirk and Bret Humphrey. It echoes every time another one of us passes...

Rum & Honey

Mother's Ashes
4th of July
Death Pop Mary
Cali II
Sgt. Pepper's Gone
The Way It's Gonna Be
Have You Figured It Out Yet?
Rum and Honey

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